Wednesday, 5 October 2011

for you girl ^^

hey bitch backstabber! come and read hear ley ^^

i'm going to write one back you sucker.
  your business or what? freaking lame sia seriously. me being jealous about you? i think it's the other way round. you just ageless, need i waste my time being jealous of you? maintain abit leh wth. yes! i'm not happy about you what can you do? haha want say things say it right in my face, don't need beat around the bush and go around backstabbing me. since i already dislike you why should i be happy for you. joke leh. poor students? i mean people like you loh, don't understand uh? too bad for you lah. i never like you even for a once. never ever!

at least i'm better than you. you never hear before ah ,even the best fails one day. needless to say, you'll definitely fail soon too. i don't need to be saved by someone whose such a hypocrite like you. you acted like you cared. but end up you go around gossipping and backstabbing about me. what is this? your so called "real friend" to him? then well i guess you've many out there whose gonna leave you one day too. just wait and see. i don't need to be seen as the "limelight" in all others people eyes.

i have my conscience, as long as i know it myself. i won't be like you. acting around boasting talking big shits. by saying me useless and hopeless will make you any better? use your brains and think please. -..- i don't need hypocrites like you in my life. you won't affect me. not at all. infact, i wanna thank you for boasting my ego. thanks idiot. oh why not admit you looked down on me ? -..- yes you helped me ,but didn't i helped you too? it's fair already isn't it. you made nasty comments about me first before i start remarking on you. you think you're better than me? look at yourself. oh wait there's something i would like to praise you on, you're really a good actor! good at pretending! haha. but you fail to pretending to be like me at all. iknow u still be like me lah. anything, everything you did just to get my attention mah? i'm i right? just take good care to your fiance. what fiance? in your dream ley? haha you never. btw fucker
go fuck yourself! my life, my choice, my mistake, my lessons, not your business. get it?

oh well, that only shows how stupid you're! anything say straight into my face la. stop acting like you know everything when the "everything" you know is just opinions and thoughts that are just one of your selfish one side point of view. eh and wait. i hate you. got this word meh? well, last warning: don't step on my tail. you'll get hell from i myself one day if i loses control. please go away from my life and my sayang life! please be yourself, please find yourself. dont try to be or pretending to be like me. cuz it's too jerk!

pee/ass: i don't need you. fuck off bitch :)

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